Crosscut Distillery, Northern Ontario’s nationally-awarded grain-to-glass distillery, announces a new addition to their family of vodkas, gins, whiskies and liqueurs. Introducing the new Clockwork Four Grain Whisky. 

Containing an all-Ontario mix of corn, oats, rye and malted barley and rested on site in new oak barrels out of Kentucky, the new whisky was highly anticipated and sold out in just a few days.

Studio123 continues to extend Crosscut Distillery’s design system to tailor to a growing range of spirits. In collaboration with local tattoo artist Meghan Mackay of Studio 613 Electric Tattoo Co., Studio123’s label design presents Meghan’s intricate artwork, supported by tasteful typography, in a structured format that maintains continuity with the distillery’s existing product offerings.

Cheers to another Crosscut Distillery classic! Check out more work we’ve done with Crosscut here.

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