Rainbow Schools

The Rainbow District School Board is Northern Ontario’s largest school board, operating 35 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools. Rainbow Schools was seeking a firm to rebuild their digital ecosystem including several Board-level web properties, and individual school sites that would be cohesive, yet flexible, so school administrators could tailor their site to their needs.

We were selected to design and build 35 elementary and 10 secondary school websites as well as the main Rainbow Schools site, its Virtual Library, and an employee Intranet.

The websites were required to adhere to the latest accessibility standards (AODA / WCAG 2.0 AA). As regulations around accessibility continue to evolve, it was important for the websites we built for Rainbow Schools to be able to evolve with them. The websites incorporate the latest accessibility technology (AODA / WCAG 2.0 AA), and are fluidly responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet. The new website design beautifully encompasses the Rainbow Schools brand colours, while adhering to contrast guidelines for accessible web usability. The clean and simple design has increased the site’s usability and has organized all of the Board’s resources and content into a simple and accessible menu system.

A key aspect of the deliverables of this project was the Board’s ability to self-manage their websites, independently from a web supplier. We built the sites on WordPress making each site easily editable by its administrators, thanks to the carefully designed and customized content management system.

We built a WordPress multi-site environment which allowed us to create a network of websites that are consistent in their functionality, accessibility, and aesthetic.

The multi-site environment also allows permissions to be set for various users on the platform including network administrators, site administrators, and editors from each individual school. The permission system is so flexible that even students can be given access to the content management system of a site without compromising a school’s content or site structure. Each school can now manage their website, build their menu, and customize their content, while remaining consistent with the main Board site.

“Studio123 were a great team to work with – professional, knowledgeable, respectful, creative, collaborative and technically excellent. The project deliverables were on time and on budget and the project goals were met.”

Nicole Charette – Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications and Strategic Planning, Rainbow District School Board

What We Did

  • Digital
  • Responsive website design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Tracking & reporting
  • UI / UX design
  • Website strategy
  • WordPress development
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