Mockup of MaxHealth's homepage impact area

MaxHealth is a leading primary care provider focused on high quality, integrated care to over 70,000 adult and senior patients throughout Florida. We were asked to partner up on the project by longtime colleagues, Team Design, to design and develop the website while they focused on the project management side of things. Based on the intended audience of the site, we kept accessibility as a primary focus of the design and build of the site. The result is an accessible website that better reflects MaxHealth’s long term goals and current service offering.

In collaboration with Team Design
Side by side mobile mockups of MaxHealth website homepage
Mockup of MaxHealth's website homepage
Side by side mobile mockups of Providers page on MaxHealth website
Side by side mockups of MaxHealth's Patient Forms page and Patient Resources sections
Mockup of MaxHealth's About page
Mockup of MaxHealth's Locations landing page
Providers panel from MaxHealth website
Side by side mobile mockups of MaxHealth's location page