Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord

A leader in new educational approaches, Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord offers programs that fulfill the changing needs of students from year to year. Recognized for its human approach and inclusive values, Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord is in a league of its own, offering innovative and creative teaching that promotes open-minded thinking.

We have been working with Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord for over a decade. In 2015, we were awarded the contract to become their agency of record. We were tasked with developing communications and brand strategies to position Northern Ontario's largest French public school board as a leader in inclusive, modern, and inspiring education across Northern Ontario.

Photography by Flofoto

Studio123's dedication to delivering impactful, successful campaigns for Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord has fostered a deep, trust-based agency-client relationship and has paved the way for countless inspiring collaborations.

We delivered a refined logo and aspirational slogan still in use today, "Je vois grand", which translates to "I dream big." The refined logo and powerful tagline encapsulate the school board's commitment to academic excellence and its students' aspirations.

We produced compelling creative work created in partnership with our network of photographers and videographers. We designed and managed their digital, print, billboard, and radio advertising campaigns. We've also digitized their student registration process and overhauled their website and network of school websites, transforming them into dynamic lead-generating platforms.

All this inspiring work has paid off: Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord has seen a 9.6% increase in enrolment over the past five years.

Finally, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, we launched a mature new brand name and refined visual identity that sets Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord on track for another 25 years of dreaming big.

"Studio123 helps us face tomorrow’s communication challenges by ensuring that our web presence remains modern and effective and that our marketing campaigns are innovative and achieve their goals."

— Carole Dubé, Director of Communications, Conseil scolaire du Grand Nord