The International Mines Rescue Competition (IMRC) brings together international mining teams from across the world around one common goal—health and safety in the mining industry. As the host for IMRC’s 10th edition, the eyes of the mining industry were fixed on Sudbury.

This global competition attracted 27 international teams representing 13 nations to our city to take part in this incredible skills competition that featured first aid, firefighting and unexpected underground scenarios that tested the training and preparedness of the competitors.

Health and safety in industrial fields are international values and we were so happy to have been afforded the opportunity to help share the collective expertise of so many mining teams with the goal of making everyone underground safer.

We’ve been working closely with the IMRC, Workplace Safety North, and Ontario Mine Rescue teams for over a year in preparation for this unforgettable global event. We created a custom brand for Sudbury’s edition of IMRC and designed all marketing collateral including roll-up banners, exhibit booth backdrops, apparel, event programme as well as video production.





During the event, we were on-site filming all the action. Working with our friends at Black Rock North Media, we captured the forging of friendships, the instant camaraderie that transcended language and culture, the smiles, laughs, sweat and the tears. This 7-minute mini-documentary packages a series of interviews, testimonials into a woven narrative that informs, entertains and inspires. This video will be used as promotion for future IMRC competitions.

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