It’s that time again! As much as we’d like to find a comfortable place, bury ourselves in snow and hibernate until next spring, we have to brave the winter season. Fortunately, there is a new service launching that will make your snow removal a breeze, and the season much more bearable. Snow Squad is here to clear the way.

This fall, Simon Graham and Taylor Marshall came to us with an innovative and exciting way to deal with the mountains of snow that pile high during Sudbury’s winter months. They created a large scale, snow blowing service dedicated to top notch customer service and reliable snow removal, no matter the conditions. The only problem was that their existing brand, Think Tree, didn’t reflect their passion or unique service and so, we worked side by side with them to reinvent from the ground up. We took on the task of renaming the company with a name that would reinforce the idea of a hardworking crew of people dedicated to ensuring freedom from snow banks; Snow Squad was born.




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