Studio123, in collaboration with Team Design, has launched a new website for global thought leader, Rachel Botsman. The new site supports the unveiling of Rachel’s new series, Rethink Moments, a flagship podcast on the brand new LinkedIn Podcast Network, unveiled last week. 

Rethink Moments will explore moments of cultural significance that forever changed the way we think. Rachel Botsman will journey into the worlds of business, sports, the arts, and politics—meeting innovators, creators, and dreamers—to unpack a breakthrough moment in their lives and careers through the lens of three questions: What did I get right? What did I get wrong? And what did I learn?

Studio123 and Team had previously collaborated on Rachel’s site and launched the previous iteration in 2018. The new website emphasizes a new brand position, developed by Team, highlighting Rachel’s newsletter and new podcast series, which premiered on Monday, February 28th, 2022. The website marks one of many ongoing collaborations between Studio123 and Brooklyn-based design studio, Team.

Since 2016, Studio123 and Team have collaborated on dozens of web projects. Congratulations to Rachel and her team, Team, and all colleagues involved in bringing the site across the finish line.

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