We often get asked if we sell website templates.

The answer is no. Not now. Not ever. Never.


Because we don’t believe in selling you a service you can do yourself for next to nothing.

There are too many companies out there that say that they build custom websites but are really just buying a template, inserting your logo, changing a few colours and filling in the blanks. We choose not to be one of those companies. Don’t be cheated. Just do it yourself! No really, anyone can do it.

Because we believe that your business is, or at least should be, unique.

As designers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about our product and our industry, we make everything from scratch. You offer a unique service to your own clientele. You don’t aim to be exactly like the company across the street, across town or across the country. So why then, are you paying to represent yourself online the exact same way as others? We work closely with you to design your website according to your audience, message, and needs. In the end, you get a product that is set up truly the way you want and need it. This gives you a competitive edge and your website a longer shelf-life, as it is set up exactly as you need it and crafted to grow with you over the years.

Because security on templates sucks.

More often than not, people purchase one-off themes that are good at the time of purchase but develop very serious security vulnerabilities over the months and years after the initial setup because old third-party plugins aren’t kept up-to-date. We keep an eye on your website after it is built to make sure everything is working well.

Because you get what you pay for.

We get it, sometimes you just can’t afford a custom built website. Well, here are some websites with hundreds of templates, for virtually any platform, that are only a couple hundred dollars or less (or sometimes free). Check out:

Each of these sites offers low-cost solutions and are quite versatile. Just remember: cheap means it’s cheap, all around.

Would you pay $100 for a pair of pants that everyone else is buying for $10? Probably not. This is what is happening in the template reselling world. Don’t bother paying a middle man. Go straight to the source and get it for less. (But who wants a $10 pair of pants anyway?)

Because you are worth it.

Good design is subtle. It solves problems. It inspires and creates clout around your business. Graphic designers should think outside the box. Your creative team should strategize ways for you to stand out and reach more customers, not blend in with the same tools as your competitors. Your business deserves it.

Because we don’t build websites, we craft them.

Something that is built right, should grow in value over time. It’s hard to resell 10-year-old IKEA furniture, but the value of well-crafted custom built furniture grows with time. When something is made custom for you, tailored to your needs and ambitions, it will propel your business.

How does that idiom go? Why buy a cow when you can get the milk for free? Because cows don’t go bad after a couple weeks.

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