We’ve been donating our time to a worthy cause lately. The Sudbury Action Centre for Youth offers at-risk, and less fortunate community members a safe and non-judgemental place to hang out, find housing and employment, access harm reduction services and much more.

Stephen Caruso donates his time to making SACY a little more musical and expressive. Week after week, he hauls his recording gear and musical instruments to the back hallway of the Youth drop-in to provide an outlet for the young musicians to create. The outcome is a second album which is being released on December 6th, 2014.

We all know music can change our mood, our personalities, and even our ambitions. Music connects us, helps lift us when we are down and helps lead us when we feel lost. It motivates us and allows us to join together to create a collective sound that expresses our identities. It is also plain good ol’ fashion fun that everybody can relate to.

Here’s a sneak peek at the cover art that we designed for the album. Pick up your copy at sacyalbum.bandcamp.com and be sure to show the group some love on Facebook.

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