We’re finally here. After months of secret meetings in underground parking lots, rigorous training programs and late-night work sessions from our hideout we can officially come out and say it: we are Studio123, a new creative agency rooted in beautiful Northern Ontario.

We like to think of ourselves as a wonder factory. Wonder is that little bit of magic that makes the mundane inspirational. Wonder cultivates innovation. According to Socrates “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” Wonder is fun. We work with wonder.

We believe in collaboration.

We believe that the best things stem from collaboration. Seriously. Great ideas flourish through rigorous input. We make sure that each member of our team is involved in each project. We are hard on each other because we care deeply about everything that leaves our studio.

Our approach fosters collaboration between our team members and our clients — put more simply, it drives everything we create. In the end, collaboration means that we succeed when you do.

We want to grow naturally.

Bite off more than you can chew and you will choke. Choking isn’t good for business. We are taking on less clients in order to do better work. By being more selective in the projects we take on, we can guarantee that we will be putting all of our energy towards doing our very best work. There’s something satisfying about celebrating a client’s success and working through the challenges right next to them. We’re not satisfied until you’ve reached your goals.

Experience is everything.

The only way to get into your clients’ shoes is to completely immerse yourself in their experience. If you’re an athletics company, we’ll see you on the court. If you’re a motivational speaker, we’ll be in the audience. If you make bread, we’ll eat it. Experience is everything. Our hands-on approach to research allows us to objectively get a real feel for your company or organization and then hit the ground running.

Do good.

We’ve done a whole lot of thinking about our new venture and we’re excited to finally get our hands dirty. We started this business so that we can do what we love day in, day out: use good design and creative ideas to help people do great things.

Here we go. Let’s play.

Christian, Nico and Rob

AuthorNico is a graphic designer, Deutsch lernen, vegetarian meditator and tattooless punk.
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